How to Heal Rosacea

I have been struggling with Rosacea for many years. From moments when my face was so hot and inflamed, I had to apply ice packs to keep myself from tears. After years of attempting to manage rosacea through doctors, and various self care, I finally learned that Rosacea, or at least the type I have, […]

Carrot Cake

Pumpkin seeds and carrots blend flavorfully for a delicious carrot cake that is also very healthy for your tummy’s. With the addition of gooey chewy goodness, prunes or dried apricots keep this cake moist, just wait until you taste it! MORE:  PALEO FRIENDLY CARROT CAKE WITH PUMPKIN SEEDS, PRUNES & CREAM CHEESE ICING Makes 1 […]

Healing through Food

We are what we eat. We have been taught this since childhood, yet through our modern, and sometimes hectic daily life, we choose convenience over healthy. The constant advertisements of fast food, and quick to grab pre-packaged, preservative laiden, processed foods leaves our bodies neglected, fatigued, and nutrient-deficient. Through this blog I am sharing my […]

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